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Divine - A brand where time honoured traditions meet innovative technology to create the finest fusion of internationally sourced botanicals with the purest water.

Here at Divine, we have taken time to create a unique drinking experience that is unforgettable, with irresistible flavours you will want to rediscover time and time again.

The passion we deliver with small batch is to ensure consistency and ownership of each bottle proudly bearing the Divine wings. Small batch big vision.

"Designed to stand out from the crowd, our bottle combines sentimental details with elegant shaping to create the unmistakeable Divine style ".

Our Story

Divine is an aromatic, balanced expression delivering on all levels, a simply divine drinking experience. The focus was to create a gin with a smooth yet crisp feel, hitting every single tastebud with an array of carefully crafted flavours.

After many experimental distillations where compromise was never an option, the creation of the signature Divine London Dry was born, the legacy began.

From there, we built upon our London Dry flavour to establish our second creation, Divine Raspberry Gin. A tantalising playful treat, a gin infused with sumptuous fruits, juniper forward fruit flavoured with notes of cinnamon and peppers.

We then noticed an untapped opportunity for great Navy Strength Gin, which is still flavourful and smooth. From here we developed the perfect balance of botanicals and ABV to hit the 57%, whilst still tantalizing your tastebuds.

At Divine, we understand and appreciate the beauty of vodka's simplicity. That's why we craft with the upmost care, ensuring that our Vodka is incredibly clean and crisp – designed to be the superstar in your cocktail of choice. We take immense pride in our vodka, which is crafted with the finest ingredients and distilled to perfection. Our commitment to quality and taste ensures that every sip of Divine Vodka is an unforgettable experience.

Our most recent product is the renowned Rum Coffee Liqueur, beautifully blended by Divine & The Coffee Brothers. This product was different for us, but we knew we had to work to create the perfect blend of cold brew coffee, Caribbean dark rum, and a little Divine punch of flavour. 

"The Divine brand is built on years of experimenting with flavours and botanicals through life experiences."

Flavour Like No Other

Divine was founded in 2016 by Ray & Rachel, who were inspired to create the brand after meeting in the Royal Air Force, which inspired the stunning wings featured on the bottle, as well as the name ‘Divine’. You will also notice the two intertwined wedding bands on the base of the Divine Bottles, which signifies the love of a couple behind the creation of the brand. The embossed ‘D’ is inspired by the desire to stand out as gold standard, the wings show the mantling effect that the spirit brings wrapping the whole drinking experience. The beautiful bottle, spirit and experience asserts itself whether it is proudly placed at home or brushing shoulders with other spirits on the bar.

In 2023, after 7 amazing years, Steve & the Divine team took the reins from Ray & Rachel. We share the same passion and dedication to continue to share Divine around the world, reaching every corner with the impeccable flavour that we will continue to develop. We aim to break convention and push boundaries to display the highest standard and most distinctive flavour of spirits on the market. We will proudly uphold the legacy and all it stands for and can’t wait to continue meeting all the fiercely loyal customers who speak so highly of our brand, as well as our new customers who are enticed by the world of Divine.

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